Beads, Beads, Beads

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Freaky skull lady

Dearest reader,

as promised, in this blog post I will show you a quite freaky embroidered piece of mine. The skull lady.


I found these black and white cabochons and I thought – after all my sweet pieces in pink, white and purple (I will show you this one in my next blog post) – do something different.

So I put my white and black beads together and embroidered this necklace with earrings. The backside is covered with black Ultrasuede (velour).

The necklace strap itself consists of rocailles in the colors grey-flecked, black and metallic grey as well as cateyes in light and dark grey threaded on jewelry nylon.

In my next blog post I will show you a very special necklace which I have done for a contest.

Thanks for your attention.



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My master piece!

Dearest reader,

as I promised, in this blog post I will show you my master piece. Some of you may have noticed it in my introduction post – a gorgeous necklace.

Some day I decided to do a very extensive creation. It had to exist of a few separate parts and in the color shades of autumn: brown, red-brown, yellow… I found a very beautiful piece of agate in a shop and decided this must be the center piece. So I started and it took months. See what I created:



I am very proud of it.

In my next blog post I am going to tell you what can go wrong when you embroider.  

Thanks for your attention.