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Things can go wrong

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Dearest reader,

as I promised, in this blog post I will tell you a little bit of things which can go wrong when you embroider.

1. It always takes a while for me to accomplish the shape of my Embroidery piece. I have something in mind but I am not able to sketch it. So I try to draw it on a piece of paper and then transfer it on Stiff Stuff (the piece you embroider on). At least it works out, but if you are not able to draw and the sides / distances are not equal – well – you have to do it again…

2. Sometimes it happens that beads are way too close and the thread is already through the fleece and the beads stick out. First possibility: you undo everything up to that point. Second possibility: you work and work and work on it and somehow sometime the beads lay flat on and you are happy.

3. Some beads – I do not know why, because they are cheaper, or have a special color… – bleed into the velour. That mostly happens with red beads and up till know I don’t know what I can do about it. It is annoying but it is on the backside of the embroidered piece so it is quite ok as no-one can see it.

4. You are done with your embroidered piece – and you don’t like it! Well no choice but to undo it.

You see, things will go wrong. But that’s the way. I always learn.

In my next blog post I will take a look into Sherry Serafini’s book “Sherry Serafini’s Sensational Bead Embroidery”.  

Thanks for your attention.



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