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My first flexible bracelet

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Dearest reader,

as I promised, in this blog post you will see my first flexible bracelet. Beforehand I used brass bracelets for the stabilization inside. I was not satisfied with this method so I tried it without.


As you can see, the basis is the same as with brass inside – but the bracelet is flexible. You just have to measure the exact width of your wrist to fit perfectly. Do not forget that the clasp will give some more centimeters!

The clasp: You have a lot of possibilities for the clasp. In this case I decided to hand make a toggle myself, using the same beads I used for the embroidery itself. Once you have done it, the next time it will be a lot easier! 😉

You can also use a finished (bought) clasp, or you can use a button. You see, many many options!

In my next blog post I am going to show you my master piece!

Thanks for your attention.


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