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How to embroider

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Dearest reader,

as promised, in this blog post I will explain the steps of how I embroider. Enjoy.

1. I have a certain idea of what I like to create. Is it a bracelet, a necklace or other. Then I put all beads together I think I will be use for this piece. Sometimes I already have preferred color shades in my mind, but sometimes I change my mind while putting the beads together on my tray.

2. I am searching for the right beads, cabochons, stones (yes, stones) and what else crosses my way, putting them on my tray. I need thread in the right color, Ultrasuede (which is velour to cover the backside of the embroidery), a long needle and some glue to fix the larger pieces – mainly the center piece of my embroidery.

3. First I fix the center piece with glue, if it is really heavy I also secure it by going through it with my thread twice (if it has holes, of course). Thank I can start to surround it with smaller beads. One row, two rows – which I think will look better.

4. Covering the whole piece of fleece. There are (almost) not limitations to what kind of beads or other material to use. I just follow my inspiration.

5. How to embroidery the beads: Coming up from the backside I take 2 beads and fix them in an appropriate distance by going through the fleece again. I go back and go through both beads again.

6. When you are done you cover the backside of the piece with matching velour (with glue). The edges have to be “sewed” together with beads. So the embroidered piece will not loose any bead!

7. And this is how to embroider.


My first piece. Center piece is a small textile flower, surrounded by beads in white and beige.

In my next blog post I will show you my first bracelet, done with a brass bracelet for stabilization inside.

Thanks for your attention.



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